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alloys applicable specifications elgiloy

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347 Stainless Steel Alloy Data Sheet ESM-Hampshire

UNS:S34700 EN-DIN:1.4550. Printable PDF:347 Stainless Steel Alloy Data Sheet 347 alloys are stabilized stainless steels which offer as their main advantage an excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion following exposure to temperatures in the chromium carbide precipitation range from 800 to 1500°F (427 to 816°C). ALLOYS AVAILABLE - americanalloyflangeStocking Nickel, Chrome, Aluminum, CuNi, Stainless Steel, ium alloys for custom ANSI B16.5 Forged Flanges. Contact us:949-218-0026:[email protected]

Alloy 20 Stainless Steel - Wire Elgiloy Specialty Metals

Applicable Specifications. Wire & Bar:ASTM B473. Typical Mechanical Properties. Annealed. Heat Treatment:1800-2050°F (982-1121°C) Tensile Strength:90-110 ksi (620-758 MPa) Suggested Operating Conditions:Up to 930°F (500°C) Spring Temper. Heat Treatment:Stress Relieve 500°F (260°C) Tensile Strength:150 ksi min (1034 MPa) Cobalt Elgiloy AMS 5876 Strip Tech Steel & MaterialsIron Silicon Alloys ASTM-A867; A286 AMS-5525 AMS-5732 AMS-5737; Tool Steel H11 AMS-6487 AMS-6485; Inconel 601 Pipe, Plate and Forging; Inconel 718 AMS-5662 AMS-5663; Steel Aermet 100 AMS-6532 AMS-6478; Custom 465 Bar, Forging and Wire; Nickel Waspaloy Bar, Sheet and Wire; Blog & Resources. Blog; Metal Weight Calculator; Tube Sizing Chart; Glossary Elgiloy - AMS 5833 - Spring Wire PropertiesHigh strength, high ductility, and good mechanical properties. Applications range from freshwater to industrial and marine atmospheres, and mild chemical and oxidizing environments. Elgiloy shows a very good performance in high-temperature environments:Equivalent or Common Trade Names Phynox ASTM F1058 UNS R30003 AMS 5833

Elgiloy Specialty Metals Hampshire Mill Alloy 17-7PH

Elgiloy Specialty Metals Hampshire Mill Alloy 17-7PH Stainless Steel UNS:S17700 EN-DIN:1.4568 17-7 PH is a precipitation-hardening stainless steel that provides high strength and hardness, excellent fatigue properties, Applicable Specifications AMS 5528, AMS 5529, MIL-S-25043, ASTM A693 (Listed as 'rade 631-UNS S17700) Elgiloy Specialty Metals Hampshire Mill Alloy 304 Elgiloy Specialty Metals Hampshire Mill Alloy 304 Stainless Steel UNS:S30400 EN-DIN:1.4301 Industries supplied include:Process equipment in mining, chemical, cryogenic, food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. 304 grade stainless has excellent welding and formability characteristics and is one of the most utilized stainless steels. Elgiloy Specialty Metals Hampshire Mill Alloy 321 Applicable Specifications AMS 5510, ASTM A240 Typical Mechanical Properties Typical Room Temperature Mechanical Properties Condition Tensile Strength (UTS) 0.2% YS Elongation% in 2 (50.8 mm) Hardness Rockwell Annealed 85 ksi ( 586 MPa) 35 ksi ( 241 MPa) 55 70 HRBW Typical mechanical properties are based on AK source, ASTM A240

Elgiloy datasheet,Elgiloy chemical,Elgiloy heat treatment

alloys Elgiloy Specifications, Elgiloy Chemical, Elgiloy mechanical properties from Steelmaking, ESR melted, Blooming, Hot forging, Hot rolling, Elgiloy Heat treatment, Straightening, Ultrasonic flaw detection test, Cold working or Machined. FlexiSeal Face Seal- FEN-H FIN-H - CUSTOM PTFE FLEXISEAL Spring Material:H-Series, corrosion resistant metal alloys, including Stainless Steel, Elgiloy; PEEK Safety Warning FAILURE OR IMPROPER SELECTION OR IMPROPER USE OF THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN OR RELATED ITEMS CAN CAUSE DEATH, PERSONAL INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. Hastelloy B-3 Strip Alloy Elgiloy Specialty MetalsApplicable Specifications Strip:ASTM B333 Typical Mechanical Properties. Annealed. Heat Treatment:2100 °F (1150 °C) Tensile Strength:110 ksi (760 MPa) min 125 ksi (860 MPa) typ; Suggested Operating Conditions:-300 °F to 1800 °F (-184 °C to 900 °C)

Inconel® Alloys Specifications Elgiloy Specialty Metals

Below you will find a list of Applicable Specifications for various Inconel® Alloys. AMS 5540 Description:The AMS 5540 specification covers a heat-resistant and corrosion nickel alloy in the form of plate, sheet and strip. Material Specification:Nickel Alloy, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate, 74Ni 15.5Cr 8.0Fe, Annealed. Material Selection Guide - Exotic AlloysElgiloy exhibits no-magnetism and is blue / brown in color as a result of heat treatment.Elgiloy offers a good solution accompanied by mechanical properties similar to high carbon spring steel (music wire). The mechanical properties are often superior to stainless steel and other nickel alloys. NICKEL- CONTAINING ALLOYS in HYDROFLUORIC ACID, INCONEL* alloy 625 60.0 5.0 max 21.5 9.0 0.10 max 0.50 max 0.50 max Cb (+Ta) 3.65 INCONEL* alloy X750 73.0 6.75 15.0 .05 .04 0.30 0.70 T1 2.50; AI 0.80; Cb 0.85 Iron-Nickel-Chromium Alloy INCOLOY* alloy 800 32.0 46.0 20.5 0.30 .04 0.35 0.75 * See page 35 for registered trademarks.


Iron alloys are special preparations according to Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH Regulation). The classification of a pure substance is not applicable to its use as element of an iron alloy. SVHC 7440-48-4 Cobalt 7440-47-3 Chromium 7440-02-0 Nickel 4 - First aid measures 4.1. Description of first aid measures General information: Strip Nickel 200/201 Alloys Elgiloy Specialty MetalsApplicable Specifications. Strip and Foil:AMS 5553, ASTM B162, DIN 17740, DIN 17750. Typical Mechanical Properties. Annealed. Heat Treatment:1300-1700 °F (705-925 °C) Tensile Strength:55-75 ksi (380-520 MPa) Suggested Operating Conditions:-300°F to 1000°F (-184°C to 540°C) Spring Temper. Heat Treatment:Stress relieve as needed UNS R30003 (ASTM F1058 Grade 1) Alloy ::MakeItFromASTM F1058:Standard Specification for Wrought 40Cobalt-20Chromium-16Iron-15Nickel-7Molybdenum Alloy Wire and Strip for Surgical Implant Applications (UNS R30003 and UNS R30008) ISO 5832-7:Implants for Surgery - Metallic Materials - Part 7:Forgeable and Cold-Formed Cobalt-Chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum-Iron Alloy

Haynes® Alloys Specifications Elgiloy Specialty Metals

Haynes® Alloys Specifications. AMS 5878. Description:The AMS 5878 specification covers a nickel alloy that is both heat and corrosion resistant and applies to

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